Lets Knit Readers

Let’s Knit is one of my favourite magazines. As a new feature for the Bulldog Krafts website I will knit up a project each month.  Photographs courtesy of John McLoughlin (www.johnmcloughlin.co.uk)

Issue 36, November 2010

I love the Cadence cardigan (page 25) with moss stitch borders. As a child pattern it is also a good candidate for Super 10 which is washing machine and tumble dryer safe (and stain resistant – I have spilled many things over my clothes (and samples), including black tea, and they have washed clean!). Super 10 can stretch when washed but doesn’t need to be blocked – it goes back into shape in the tumble dryer.

I knitted the cardigan in the largest size which used one and a bit skein so I also made a matching hat (see below for the pfd download). As an alternative to the embroidery and buttons I sewed on a few knitted flowers in a complimentary colour. I also thought the button and embroidery pattern would work really well for boys and girls if they were balloons. This cardigan really provides an excellent opportunity for you to add something of your own to a pattern.

Cadence Cardigan 

As always we have a special offer (time limited) on yarn for this pattern. This month the offer is 2 skeins for £10 (normally £12), or 1 skein for £5 for the smaller size (see below) in lilac, daffodil, dusty blue and aqua.

I also knitted the cardigan in the smallest size. This used only 1 skein but didn’t leave much left over so you need to stick to the measurements closely if you want to finish the cardigan with just 1 skein. I also knitted a hat to match (which started the next skein!). On this cardigan I used a complimentary colour and cross-stitch to add an anchor to the jacket, I used the same colour to add some stripes to the hat. The colour used (Aqua) is a really good choice if you are knitting before you know if the baby will be a boy or a girl – the contrast knitting and buttons can make this colour excellent for either and bright and cheery as well!


Download Hat Pattern