Lets Knit Readers

Let’s Knit is one of my favourite magazines. As a new feature for the Bulldog Krafts website I will knit up a project each month.  Photographs courtesy of John McLoughlin (www.johnmcloughlin.co.uk)

Issue 39, February 2011

Try something different...

I have knitted up Alouette (pages 24 - 26) in Super 10 and decided to try something very different – I used a multicoloured yarn which is referred to as Blue/Pink/Yellow/Black in the list of colours but we normally call Jewel. This yarn is made up of 5 strands of cotton; each dyed individually and then twisted together. You have to be a bit careful when knitting with it as you can split the strands but the effect is lovely. I’ve also knitted a swatch in Dusty Blue which is very similar to the colour shown in this Issue. I knitted the second size and used 3 skeins.

Yarn requirements:



3 skeins



4 skeins



5 skeins

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Lets Knit Feb 2011, image © John McLoughlin


In this pattern the abbreviation ‘m1’ has two different cases:

  • when you are increasing at the sides of the body and the sleeves it is the usual: i.e. pick up the loop between the two stitches and knit into the back of it (which disguises the increase)
  • in the yoke pattern you need to knit into the front of the loop so that you leave a hole.

I did the sleeve increases every 4 rows so that they would be finished well before the shaping began.

Blue Swatch
Swatch in Super 10 - 3882


Alouette in teal
Swatch in Super 10 - 3784


Swatch in Super 10 - 5203

I also finished (at last!) the Gabrielle pattern from Issue 37.

"Gabrielle" Let's Knit image ©  John McLoughlin