Lets Knit Readers

Let’s Knit is one of my favourite magazines. As a new feature for the Bulldog Krafts website I will knit up a project each month.  Photographs courtesy of John McLoughlin (www.johnmcloughlin.co.uk)

Issue 37, December 2010

This month I’m knitting ‘Gabrielle’ (page 12) for someone’s special Christmas present! The Bergere de France Berlaine is a lightweight DK so I have used my Super 20 yarn. There is a red available which is a close match to the example in the magazine but I have used Burgundy. It is a very rich colour and suits my ‘someone special’! I’m knitting the second size, 12-14.

I haven’t quite finished it yet but it will take 3 skeins of Super 20 for the first two sizes and 4 skeins for the larger two sizes – this is if you are knitting to the pattern guidelines, if you are making the second or fourth sizes larger in any way (e.g. full length sleeves instead of ¾ length) you will need an extra skein.

N.B. There are a few small errors in the pattern.

On page 12 the third point after Shape Armholes should start with p2 not k2.

For the second size ONLY: