Lets Knit Readers

Let’s Knit is one of my favourite magazines. As a new feature for the Bulldog Krafts website I will knit up a project each month.  Photographs courtesy of John McLoughlin (www.johnmcloughlin.co.uk).

Issue 65, April 2013

This month’s issue is great – so many fun Easter projects! I especially like Cleo on page 9 which would work really well in Super 20 cotton. Although Super 20 is thicker than a traditional 4-ply I knitted my swatch with 3.25mm needles and it measures up accurately. The Emerald Green is brighter than the green used in the magazine but it is a really hot colour for this summer. The other colours on offer this month are Dusty Blue and Baby Pink.

Pattern note: on Row 7 of the chart instructions it should read: rep to last FOUR sts, yfwd, k4.








4 5 5

  Swatch for Let's Knit April 2013